Myself & Others Book Three Core Set

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Readiness Assesment: Myself & Others Book Three
Myself & Others Book Three Sample

Myself & Others Book Three includes structured exercises and is used in conjunction with the Aesop Copybook. It assumes introductory knowledge and continues teaching and practicing common rules and manners, developing good safety and health habits, and increasing social perception for service to others. This program is suitable for students age or ability 9-11.

Myself & Others provides lessons with five components:

1) Rules – basic social rules for daily life
2) Health – essentials for hygiene, physical and mental health, and forming good habits
3) Safety – guidelines and cautions for staying safe in various circumstances
4) Manners – instruction and practice with good manners to serve others well
5) Listening – daily readings with inspiring stories for delight, moral imagination, character and virtue.

This set includes:

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