My Thankfulness Journals

Ages 6-12, chronological age or skill level



My Thankfulness Journal: Beginner Sample
My Thankfulness Journal: Intermediate Sample

My Thankfulness Journals offer practice with writing skills and gratitude. As the student recalls the pleasant details of the day, he receives clear guidance

Beginner – for beginning writers (chronological ages 6-9 or comparable skill level)

  • Provides a large font with ample spacing for beginning writers.
  • Gives dotted lines for tracing on every page.
  • Supplies the child with a correct form for letter writing (greeting, indentation for body, closing) in every lesson.
  • Includes a numbered list, #1-5, for the body of every letter, rather than paragraph writing
  • Begins each entry, “Dear God,” and closes, “Yours,” with a space for the child to write his name.

for sharing his thoughts in prayer to the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Intermediate – for intermediate writers (chronological age 9-12, or comparable skill level)

  • Provides a more advanced, smaller-size font.
  • Fades dotted-line prompting as exercises progress.
  • Supplies the child with a correct form for letter writing (greeting, indentation for body, closing) in every lesson.
  • Provides the opportunity to write in paragraph form.
  • Begins each entry, “Dear Heavenly Father,” and closes, “Your child,” with space for the signature.
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Product Description

The My Thankfulness Journals, written in New American Cursive, can help your students with:

Composition Skills

  • improving penmanship
  • organizing thoughts onto paper
  • composing with the correct form for letter writing

Habits of Gratitude

  • noticing unexpected daily blessings
  • becoming more aware of the kindnesses of others
  • acknowledging daily mercies as coming from God Himself

Elements of Prayer

  • reflecting on each day
  • meditating on Scripture
  • giving thanks

Essentials for a Strong Mind

  • disciplining thoughts in an orderly manner
  • shifting from self-pity to appreciation
  • focusing on that which is good and true

To assist with memory work or meditation, each page provides a verse of Scripture from the King James Version.

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