My Thankfulness Journals

Ages 6-12, chronological age or skill level



My Thankfulness Journal: Beginner Sample
My Thankfulness Journal: Intermediate Sample

My Thankfulness Journals offer practice with writing skills and gratitude. As the student recalls the pleasant details of the day, he receives clear guidance for sharing his thoughts in prayer to the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Beginner – for beginning writers (chronological ages 6-9 or comparable skill level)

  • Provides a large font with ample spacing for beginning writers.
  • Gives dotted lines for tracing on every page.
  • Supplies the child with a correct form for letter writing (greeting, indentation for body, closing) in every lesson.
  • Includes a numbered list, #1-5, for the body of every letter, rather than paragraph writing
  • Begins each entry, “Dear God,” and closes, “Yours,” with a space for the child to write his name.

Intermediate – for intermediate writers (chronological age 9-12, or comparable skill level)

  • Provides a more advanced, smaller-size font.
  • Fades dotted-line prompting as exercises progress.
  • Supplies the child with a correct form for letter writing (greeting, indentation for body, closing) in every lesson.
  • Provides the opportunity to write in paragraph form.
  • Begins each entry, “Dear Heavenly Father,” and closes, “Your child,” with space for the signature.
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Product Description

The My Thankfulness Journals, written in New American Cursive, can help your students with:

Composition Skills

  • improving penmanship
  • organizing thoughts onto paper
  • composing with the correct form for letter writing

Habits of Gratitude

  • noticing unexpected daily blessings
  • becoming more aware of the kindnesses of others
  • acknowledging daily mercies as coming from God Himself

Elements of Prayer

  • reflecting on each day
  • meditating on Scripture
  • giving thanks

Essentials for a Strong Mind

  • disciplining thoughts in an orderly manner
  • shifting from self-pity to appreciation
  • focusing on that which is good and true

To assist with memory work or meditation, each page provides a verse of Scripture from the King James Version.

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