HLCS ONLY – Modern Biology Teacher Guide



Memoria Press’ Guide to Modern Biology is designed to teach students the science of life in a clear and understandable way. Modern Biology is a big book, but Highlands Latin School’s Dr. Rebecca Shelburne has designed this course to cover only the material students need for a complete high school course. Students will spend several weeks on biochemistry, cell structure, and the fundamentals of genetics, picking up later in the book with microbiology and the structure and function of plants, and concluding with a study of vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Dr. Shelburne’s illuminating lectures in the Instructional Videos explain and expand upon the information in the text, while the Student Guide and Coloring Workbook walk students toward mastery and prepare them for the Tests. This great text, along with Dr. Shelburne’s lectures and targeted exercises, will bring this subject alive.

NOTE: Modern Biology is a secular textbook that contains a section on evolution not acceptable to many Christians. While we we don’t cover that unit in our curriculum, our guides do define related terms. If you do not feel a secular biology text is right for your family, we would recommend Abeka or Apologia as alternates.

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