The Princess & the Goblin - Memoria Press


In George MacDonald’s classic fantasy, The Princess & the Goblin, eight year old Princess Irene lives in a castle with her father, the King, on the border of the wild mountains. One day, Irene and her nurse go exploring outside the castle and are chased by the goblins that inhabit the nearby mines. However, a young miner named Curdie comes to the rescue of the young princess and the nurse, returning them safely to the castle. While working in the mines, Curdie learns of a goblin plot to attack the castle and steal the princess. With the help of Irene’s mysterious great-great-grandmother, Curdie works to foil the goblin plot and keep the princess safe. MacDonald’s tale of courage and honor reveals deeper human truths through its symbolism, and this beautiful story of a princess and a young miner seeking to rid the kingdom of evil is sure to delight and inspire young readers.