One Morning in Maine


One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey tells the story of the day Sal goes to Buck’s Harbor with her dad. The first exciting thing that happens to Sal is that she finds a loose tooth right after she wakes up! Her mother explains to her that this means she is a big girl now and that she will get to make a wish on her tooth when it falls out. After breakfast, Sal gets to go down to the beach to help her father dig for clams. Sal begins telling her father about her loose tooth, then realizes it’s fallen out somewhere! Though they search in the mud, Sal and her father can’t find the tooth, and they head back to the house. Sal, her little sister Jane, and their father all head to Buck’s Harbor. They get some groceries, fix the motor to their boat, and Sal even gets her wish for a chocolate ice-cream cone. It’s a fine morning in Maine for little Sal and her family!

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