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The StartWrite/NAC® software is a supplement to the workbooks. It helps teachers, homeschoolers, and parents create handwriting lessons quickly and easily. StartWrite® saves hours in lesson preparation time, while creating fun, meaningful worksheets. We are excited to make Startwrite® available to everyone who wants to teach the New American Cursive® to his or her child or student.

StartWrite/NAC® allows you to create your own handwriting lessons, tailored specifically to your child or student’s needs, interests, and skill levels. With the StartWrite/NAC® Handwriting Worksheet Wizard you can integrate handwriting practice with any subject. Your students can learn cursive handwriting while studying other subjects!

Startwrite/NAC® is a simple word processor; your lesson preparation time is determined only by how fast you can type!

Note: Currently not available for Mac OS.

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New American Cursive is an easy-to-follow resource for teaching beginning cursive. It presents simplified letter forms, using multi-sensory methods to aid in the learning of motor skills necessary to write well. Developed by Iris Hatfield, with over 35 years of experience in the handwriting field, the book improves the process of teaching handwriting and allows students to start at a younger age.

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