New American Cursive 2: Quotations from Famous Americans, Fourth Edition


New American Cursive Quotations from Famous Americans Sample
New American Cursive Classroom Work Samples

New American Cursive is an easy-to-follow resource for teaching beginning cursive. It presents simplified letter forms, using multi-sensory methods to aid in the learning of motor skills necessary to write well. Developed by Iris Hatfield, with over 35 years of experience in the handwriting field, the book improves the process of teaching handwriting and allows students to start at a younger age.

New American Cursive 2:

  • Eight-page Teaching Guide included
  • 125 instruction exercises for excellent penmanship development
  • Practice pages include quotes from famous Americans
  • Simplified alphabet, unnecessary strokes eliminated
  • Bound at the top for ease of use by left-handed students
  • Clear starting dots and arrow directions
  • Includes exercises to develop creative writing skills
  • Blank reproducible practice pages included
  • Flexible method allows for the individuality of the child

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