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Regarding the Rod & Staff Grade 6 Math Set, the publisher says: “This hardcover textbook has 170 lessons that review and extend skills taught in previous levels. Review in each lesson keeps previous skills current.”

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From the publisher: “New concepts include the following areas.

  • Numbers—Greatest common factor, lowest common multiple, mental shortcuts in calculations.
  • Fractions—Decimal—fraction equivalents.
  • Decimals—Multiplying and dividing.
  • Percents—Discounts, commissions, interest
  • Measures—Conversions between English and metric measures, time zones
  • Geometry—Perimeter and area of triangles and parallelograms, circumference and area of circles, measuring angles with a protractor.
  • Graphs—Constructing circle graph.”

The Rod & Staff Grade 6 Set includes the Student Book, the Teacher’s Manual (Parts 1 & 2), Chapter Tests, and Quizzes and Speed Tests.


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