The Little House


The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton was the Caldecott Medal winner in 1942 and has continued to enchant generations of readers. On a hill in the country with apple trees all around, a tiny pink house watches the seasons change. She watches trees blossom in the spring, apples ripening in the summer, leaves changing color in the fall, and children skating in the winter. At night the little house notices the far-away lights of the city and wonders what it would be like to live there. Slowly, the lights grow closer. A road is built, then shiny new cars zip past the house. More homes begin to appear, then bigger buildings, stores, and sidewalks surround the the little house. The little house realizes she is living in the city! Now, she can’t even see the sun or moon because of the bright city lights and she misses the daisies and apple trees. One day a woman recognizes the house as the one belonging to her great-great grandfather. The woman decides to move the little house out of the city and back to the country. The little house is lived in and cared for and so happy to be back where she belongs!

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