Simply Classical Curriculum Manual: Levels 7 & 8 Two-Year Pace


Sample Lessons
Readiness Assessment
Supply List
Skills to Develop

Poetry, Pleiades, & Promises
Ages 11-14 (Chronological Age or Skill Level)

In these levels students work diligently on composition, spelling, grammar, and mathematics while learning linguistic patterns through poetry and Latin, studying ancient Rome, and discovering the wonders of astronomy. They delve deeply into the adventures of My Side of the Mountain, reflect on family life in The Moffats, ponder the charming tales within Homer Price, and enter the wondrous world of Christian allegory in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In formal biblical studies within Simply Classical Levels 7 & 8, students learn the salvation promises of the Old Testament and see them fulfilled in Christ Jesus for all mankind.

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