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Austen’s witty and incisive story of the Bennet family’s relational follies in Regency England is a master class in the complexities of human nature, the dangers of blind pride and unchecked prejudice, and the ways in which we grow – in humility and in character, and in how we relate to one another.

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Our upper-school Literature Guides train students to read actively and lead students through a four-stage trivium-based continuum to the acquisition and expression of the Central One Idea. Students are guided to read and think through the pre-grammar, grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages toward the essence of the story, the central proposition that gives the story its greatest meaning and expression. The guides feature helpful reading notes for background information and difficult words, extensive vocabulary training, comprehension questions, Socratic discussion questions, interaction with salient quotes, and literary and rhetorical devices presented in bold-face to prepare students for sophisticated literary analysis and future study.

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