Prairie School Set

Grades 2-3



Prairie School Student Sample

Prairie School by renowned children’s author Avi introduces the students to life on the American prairie in the 19th century . Our Student Study Guide (included in the Prairie School Set) will aid the student in developing their Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension skills.

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About the text:

“It’s the 1880s, Noah works hard on the family farm and roams free on the Colorado prairie. One day his Aunt Dora arrives to give him some schooling. Noah doesn’t think he needs it. What use is reading on the prairie? But what Noah discovers will change his life forever.” (from the publisher)

The Prairie School Set contains Prairie School by Avi and the Student Study Guide.

The Second Grade Literature Teacher Key (sold separately) contains the answers for the Prairie School Student Study Guide as well as the other Student Study Guides in the Second Grade Literature Set.

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