My Side of the Mountain Student Guide



A Newberry Medal Honor book, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George tells the story of 14 year old Sam Gribley who leaves his crowded home in New York City to live on his great-grandfather’s abandoned farm. While living in the forest around the ruins of the old farm, Sam learns about survival and independence and makes friends with the wildlife he observes. Sam loves his self-sufficient life in the wilderness, but as he grows and matures he also comes to understand the value of companionship. This coming-of-age tale has delighted readers for generations with its depiction of nature, wildlife, and a young boy’s tenacity. The My Side of the Mountain Student Guide trains students to become active readers by providing in-depth word studies that help students build vocabulary as well as comprehension questions to teach students to identify important concepts and compose clear, concise answers to questions.

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