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Set in 1856, Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie tells the story of Abbie Burgess who lives with her father, mother, and sisters on Matinicus Island in Maine where they tend a lighthouse. When Abbie’s father must sail to the mainland to get food for the family, oil for the lighthouse lamps, and medicine for his wife, a terrible storm blows up. With her father away, Abbie must keep the lighthouse lamps burning and take care of her family all by herself. It is very hard to keep the lamps lit during the storm, and Abbie must be very brave. After two weeks the storm subsides, and Abbie’s father is able to get back to the island. The children are thrilled that their father is home, and he is so proud of Abbie for keeping the lights burning all on her own.

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Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie┬áby Peter and Connie Roop features expressive illustrations by Peter E. Hanson that capture the spirit and courage of this historic children’s book. This book comes in our More StoryTime Treasures Set as part of our Complete First Grade Curriculum Package.

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Connie Roop, Peter


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