Hard Times Teacher Guide


Hard Times Teacher Guide Sample

From the publisher:

Charles Dickens’ Hard Times is set in Coketown, where school owner Mr. Thomas Gradgrind dominates as a model of Utilitarian success. Feeding both his pupils and his family with facts, he bans fancy and wonder from young minds. As a consequence his daughter marries a loveless businessman, and his son rebels to become embroiled in gambling and robbery. And, as their fortunes cross with those of a free-spirited circus girl and a victimized weaver, Gradgrind is eventually forced to recognize the value of the human heart in an age of materialism and machinery.

The Hard Times Teacher Guide is equipped with all answers to the Hard Times Student Guide as well as all tests and quizzes. This enables educators to guide students through the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages towards the central proposition that gives the story ultimate meaning and expression.