Animal Folk Tales of America Set

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Animal Folk Tales of America Student Sample

Animal Folk Tales of America contains many famous stories told throughout American history, told by Caldecott Honor-winner Tony Palazzo. The Animal Folk Tales of America Set includes the Student Guide as well as the book.

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“Welcome to the world of the American tall tale!

A long out-of-print treasure returns! This loving and vividly illustrated celebration of America conjures up a time when tales were truly TALL. Set when the country was young and its horizons seemed endless, these epic stories portray a marvelous landscape where outsize legends grew and thrived. Sure to stir the imagination with its humor and wonderfully evocative illustrations, Animal Folk Tales of America features such celebrated figures as Pecos Bill riding a mountain lion; Davy Crockett getting outfoxed by a raccoon; and Paul Bunyan dealing with a mythological creature called a Rumptifusel. As author Tony Palazzo observes, these winning characters were fully “of the new land and the new land loved them. Their great adventures and monumental deeds will forever remain in America’s collective memory.” ” (from the publisher)

The Animal Folk Tales of America Set includes Animal Folk Tales of America by Tony Palazzo and the Student Study Guide.

The Second Grade Literature Teacher Key (sold separately) contains the answers to Animal Folk Tales of America Student Study Guide as well as the other Student Study Guides in the Second Grade Literature Set.


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