Prima Latina Complete Set (with DVDs)

Grades 1-4

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Prima Latina was written to transition directly into Latina Christiana, allowing students to complete an entire Latin sequence without missing important concepts or vocabulary. The Prima Latina Complete Set is accompanied by a streaming audio pronunciation guide which includes pronunciation direction for each lesson and four beautiful hymns from Lingua Angelica. Because Latina Christiana Flashcards include every word in Prima Latina, they are an ideal study aid and a great investment for students who intend to continue on with Latina Christiana.

Prima Latina uses a clear and systematic format to introduce Latin to young students. It teaches important English and Latin grammar concepts, as well as vocabulary, sayings, prayers, hymns, and constellations.

Prima Latina is available in a basic set.

Online Streaming Videos iconYou can also purchase the Prima Latina Complete Set (with Streaming) instead of the set with DVDs.

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