A Primer of Biblical Greek

Grades 9+


A beginning grammar must navigate the tumultuous waters between Scylla and Charybdis. On one hand, a grammar might drown the new student in a sea of comprehensive technical jargon; and on the other hand, a grammar might bedevil the student with an ocean of reductionist explanations. The successful grammar will provide incisive clarity to a multitude of complicated constructions without reducing the complexity of language to mere inanity. A Primer of Biblical Greek offers a path through this maze by navigating the tight rope between lucidity and profundity. Croy’s erudite grammar introduces students to the unique cadence of biblical Greek with shrewd grammatical analysis, which proceeds intuitively from topic to topic. Also, he guides the student through carefully selected examples from the Greek New Testament and the Septuagint, and provides artificially constructed sentences, designed to lead the beginning student through the complicated network of new vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Few other grammars provided the same level of accessibility.