The Recovery of Real Education: Saving Western Civilization One Student at a Time


What is classical education and what is it designed to do? Here is a collection of eleven articles that discuss the traditional view of education as a mechanism to pass on our civilization to our children. And not just any civilization, but the civilization of the Christian West – the civilization that grew out of the cultures of three cities: Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem, cultures which were taken, transformed, and transmitted by Western Christianity for over 1,500 years and which, though beset today by other, non-academic educational agendas, are still the basis of life and learning.

Collected here are a few of the articles that best represent our views on what education is and how it should be thought of. This collection includes articles on the Great Books, the age-old question of the relation of Athens and Jerusalem, the books of C.S. Lewis, classical rhetoric, and even children’s music.

These articles are taken largely from two issues of our magazine, The Classical Teacher – two issues with articles that garnered more responses from our readers than any others, and which we thought were worthy of reading again.

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