Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child eBook - Memoria Press



This revolutionary new book guides parents and teachers in implementing the beauty of a classical education with special-needs and struggling students. Cheryl is an advocate of classical Christian education for special-needs students. The love of history, music, literature, and Latin instilled in her own children has created in Cheryl the desire to share the message that classical education offers benefits to any child.

♦ Increase your child’s academic success
♦ Restore your child’s love of learning
♦ Regain confidence to teach any child
♦ Renew your vision of hope for your special-needs child
♦ Receive help navigating the daunting process of receiving a diagnosis
♦ Learn how to modify existing resources for your child’s needs
♦ Find simple strategies any parent or teacher can implement immediately
♦ Appreciate a spiritual context for bringing truth, goodness, and beauty to any child

A physical copy of this book can be bought here.