Introduction to Classical Studies Teacher Guide


Introduction to Classical Studies Teacher Sample

With this study guide and the three texts, you will learn how to teach, learn, and master these basic stories that are so fundamental to a classical education. The guide contains a three-year reading plan, a pronunciation guide, an incremental schedule of meaningful learning activities, and much more. To understand how Christ changed the world radically and eternally, step back in time and learn why Scripture calls the classical age “the fullness of time.” Charts and explanatory notes such as “Christ Conquers Caesar” contrast the pagan and Christian order and show how Christ was the fulfillment of all of history. Read and reread the classical stories at a leisurely pace, and you and your child will have time to reflect, ponder, and wonder about the timeless and universal stories from the City of God and the City of Man. Your children will be well prepared for advanced classical studies.

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