Classical Latin Pronunciation CDs

Grades 4-11



Pronunciation CD Sample (First Form Latin Lesson 1):


Latin is dead
as dead as can be;
it killed the Romans
now it’s killing me! 

While this beloved chant of school children expresses the truth that the Romans have passed away, we now offer classical pronunciation CDs to combat the first and last portions of the rhyme. Even though our Latin programs are geared towards an ecclesiastical pronunciation (which is our preference), we realize that some teachers prefer the classical pronunciation. Probably the most notable difference between the two is that v is pronounced /v/ in Ecclesiastical Latin, and /w/ in Classical Latin. So, veni, vidi, vici becomes weni, widi, wiki in Classical Latin.

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Product Description

The Classical Latin Pronunciation CDs contain all of the content on the standard, ecclesiastical pronunciation CDs (vocabulary, Latin sayings, and grammar forms), only pronounced using classical pronunciation. A Classical Pronunciation CD is available for each of the following programs:

  • Latina Christiana
  • First Form Latin
  • Second Form Latin
  • Third Form Latin

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