Journey Through Advent


From the publisher:

Revive the Christmas spirit and restore the true joy of the season. Professor Carol guides you on a journey practiced for centuries: a thoughtful observance of Advent, a season of preparation and reflection.

With humor and insight, she explores the history behind our customs of singing, decorating, feasting, and fasting. She retells the stories of roses and stars, saints and symbols, legends and lore that sparked our imaginations as children. She inspires with reminders of the artistic and natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our Western cultural and artistic traditions, both sacred and secular, have not lost their magic. But only by keeping the traditions and passing them on to our children can we avoid the numbing effects of commercialism and triviality that has crept into our observances.

Professor Carol’s Journey Through Advent will give you and your family a new appreciation for the beauty of the season. May these essays help you welcome the Light of Christ on Christmas morning.