Sodalitas Homeschool Conference FAQ


Sodalitas is Latin for “gathering.” Sodalitas is our summer homeschool conference that gathers together friends from all over the U.S. and beyond to grow, learn, and be encouraged in the classical Christian tradition of the Memoria Press curriculum. 

  • In-person Individual: $135 
  • In-person Couple: $250 
  • Virtual: $25 (including all Sodalitas sessions and plenaries)

Sodalitas is July 10-11, 2023, with a family picnic planned for Sunday evening, July 9. 

Held on Sunday evening, July 9, at 6:00 p.m., this is a time for us to gather and meet before two power-packed Sodalitas conference days. All the family is welcome. We’ll have a large pavilion and playground available. By 6:15 p.m. we will begin a short introductory program. Restrooms will be available. Bring your own meal, but we’ll provide water and desserts and enjoy games. The information page and sign-up can be accessed here. 

There’s MUCH more happening! 

  • Sodalitas Homeschool Conference: July 10-12 (including Simply Classical sessions all day Tuesday) 
  • Memoria College Conference: Wednesday afternoon, July 12, and Thursday, July 13
  • Pre-Conference: July 12 
  • Highlands Latin School Lecture Series: Wednesday evening, July 12 (free to all) 
  • Teacher Training Conference: July 13-14 

On the afternoon of Wednesday, July 12, through Thursday, July 13, Memoria College will hold a conference for its students. This requires separate registration and payment. The Sodalitas Parent Enrichment focus will feature two sessions hosted by Memoria College faculty on Tuesday afternoon. You can find more information on Memoria College here.

On Wednesday, July 12, we will offer a day of enrichment on various subjects. Both classroom teachers and homeschoolers may attend. It ends with our well-known and informative lecture series. Pre-Conference is optional and requires additional registration and payment outside of your Sodalitas registration. It can be selected during the Sodalitas registration process. However, the evening lecture is free and open to the public. 

On Thursday and Friday, July 13-14, we feature a variety of intense teacher training in specific curriculum areas. Teacher Training is specifically directed at classroom experiences and teachers, but homeschool parents are welcome to join us—and often do! Teacher Training requires separate registration and payment.  

Simply Classical is our “Beautiful Education for Any Child,” written and created by Cheryl Swope and inspired by our founder, Cheryl Lowe. It is an edifying classical curriculum for children with special needs. We have a full day of sessions on Tuesday, July 11, to support your family, along with many applicable sessions on Monday. Monday sessions that specifically include reference to special needs will be marked with an asterisk. You can find more information about the Simply Classical Curriculum here. 

All parts of the conference week are held on the beautiful Spring Meadows campus of our model school, Highlands Latin School. You can find us at 10901 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40243. 


  • We divide our Sodalitas breakout sessions generally into 4 to 6 “tracks” that are purposefully designed to meet the needs of our homeschoolers in specific ways in a smaller and more interactive setting. They include: 
  • Parent Enrichment:  These sessions are designed to encourage and inspire our parents! We want to open the world of classical learning to you as you endeavor to grow your children in their classical education. We intend for these sessions to enhance and supplement you as parent teachers in the many ways that a classical education brings to life the true, good, and beautiful.   
  • The Homeschool Family:  Every homeschooler answers a special and challenging call to be the primary educator of their children. The desire for these sessions is to provide you with tools, tips, and encouragement on your homeschool journey. 
  • Teaching Memoria Press: These sessions will focus on our tried-and-true curriculum.  You’ll hear from both experienced teachers and homeschoolers about the MP philosophy behind a specific subject as well as practical teaching applications in your home.  
  • Teaching Composition:  This track changes annually and is a concentrated and intensive study in how to teach a specific subject. In 2022, our topic was “Teaching Latin”. You’ll have to come back in 2024 to see what we highlight next! 
  • MP Mission:  Memoria Press is on a mission to “Save Western Civilization One Student at a Time”. These sessions will explore the inner workings and overall philosophy of Memoria Press in a way that invites you further into opportunities available to our MP family. 
  • Simply Classical: Join Cheryl Swope and experienced homeschoolers as they affirm that every child deserves and can benefit from a classical Christian education. These sessions will focus on helping homeschoolers whose children face learning challenges and will highlight the unique Simply Classical Curriculum from Memoria Press.

You will be able to watch a live video feed of the sessions and plenaries via Microsoft Teams. You will not be able to interact through video, but you will be able to get your questions answered by the Teams host. We recommend using a laptop, but your phone or tablet will do.  Any mobile device will need to load the Microsoft Teams app first, though you do not need an account.  A computer will be able to join directly on the web. 

Yes! We have couple pricing and encourage both parents to take part in our gathering.  

We think any family should visit Louisville, a fun place to live and stay! While we cannot provide childcare services, we do offer a Things To Do in Louisville list with recommendations on how to make this more than just a quick stop. We encourage registrants to connect on our Sodalitas Homeschool Conference Facebook page (private) or Forum thread.  

Yes! You’ll have free video access for 90 days. Once all videos are loaded, we’ll make sure every attendee, in-person or virtual, has access.

Each morning there will be a continental breakfast in Cooke Hall. Lunches on Monday and Tuesday are included, along with a portable meal during the Monday evening Sup & Shop so you can get all your shopping done in one trip! Plenty of snacks and drinks are also available. 


Yes! Our wonderful chef, Cyndi, endeavors to take care of us—all week long. Please check the gluten-free box on your registration to assist us with planning. 

No, we are unable to guarantee an allergen-free selection. 

Most of our attendees come casually nice. We rarely see jeans or shorts, but we want you to be comfortable! A light sweater may be of use in some of our well-airconditioned rooms.

We hope you will join us for our Sunday family picnic and welcome you to review our Things To Do in Louisville link from the website. Feel free to reach out to others on the Sodalitas Homeschool Conference Facebook page (private) or Forum thread to plan a group outing.