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CLSA on Trinity Classical School

Trinity Classical School is a college-preparatory Christian school in Houston, Texas. We use a hybrid teaching model that combines traditional schooling with homeschooling in a Christian setting with classical curriculum, offering the “best of both worlds” through a collaborative-style approach. On-campus classes meet two days per week, with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days. This allows parents to participate […]

CLSA on The Habersham School

Habersham School

The Habersham School of Savannah, Georgia, opened its doors in the fall of 2012 anticipating approximately 35 students. Doubling projections, Habersham enrolled more than 70 students its first year and now serves over 250 students on two campuses in its second year. The Habersham School is a CLSA Partner School. See the full list of CLSA Partner Schools online […]

Lexington Latin School


Mrs. Hogue is standing at the front of the room reading a story from her copy of The Golden Children’s Bible. Every student has a copy open and is reading along with the teacher. She stops reading and looks around the class: “Why did Pharaoh fear the children of the Hebrews?” Every hand in the room […]

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