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Classical Education is More Than a Method

More Than a Method

If you were to ask most classical educators what classical education is, you would find them hard-pressed to give a short, coherent answer. That is the way with a lot of movements: It’s easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm, but when asked to formulate what it is that excites you, it’s hard to […]

Factose Intolerance

factose intolerance

One of the most noticeable tendencies in modern education is an aversion to the word “knowledge.” Factose Inolerance Why is this? Why is the one word you would expect to be at the center of the education enterprise the one word that so many modern educators find distasteful? Anyone who has taken the time to read the […]

7 Habits of Highly Educated People


Most critics of American education today have a good grasp of one part of the problem: our children don’t have enough knowledge. They cite poor test scores and the general lack of awareness of important events in history as proof of this. And they are right. But although this analysis is correct, it is not […]

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