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Trinity Classical School is a college-preparatory Christian school in Houston, Texas. We use a hybrid teaching model that combines traditional schooling with homeschooling in a Christian setting with classical curriculum, offering the “best of both worlds” through a collaborative-style approach. On-campus classes meet two days per week, with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days. This allows parents to participate in the instruction of their children and also gradually prepares students for a university environment.

TCS families are unified in valuing Christian discipleship. Our school motto is Ambulare in sapientia Dei, “To walk in the wisdom of God,” and we aim to instill Godly wisdom and excellence of character by integrating Christ-centered, biblical principles as part of each subject. TCS provides a rigorous, college-preparatory, biblically sound education to train the next generation of Christian leaders using the classical model. Trinity Classical strives to equip students with tools for lifelong learning through the phases of the Trivium. Since 2009 the school has grown to an enrollment of 400 students from families who have a vision for Christian, classical, collaborative education. TCS currently offers classes for pre-K through 7th grade, and plans to add an additional grade per year until reaching 12th grade in Fall 2018. We are grateful for what God is doing at Trinity Classical School.

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Originally published in The Classical Teacher Late Summer 2014 edition.

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