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Blessed Hermann

On July 18, 1013, a baby boy was born to the Duke of Altshausen in Germany. At some point in the boy’s childhood a crippling condition rendered him unable to fulfill his expected role as the eldest son. Historians believe that the boy suffered from a degenerative motor neuron disease, such as spinal muscular atrophy. […]

A Child’s Journey Into Sacred Music

Is Music Relaxing?

“Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.” — Was this your first sacred song? If so, you had a perfect start for the journey into sacred music. Sacred music evokes or expresses the Christian faith, either through specific words describing God’s qualities and scriptural events, or by the creation of a musical atmosphere […]

Letter From The Editor Winter 2022

When we teach a child who has learning difficulties, medical conditions, or other daily struggles, we may find ourselves praying for that which is beyond our grasp. We need a strength deeper than our own, a joy richer than our own, a hope truer than our own, a love greater than our own. This is […]

Educating Maria

  I have long been a devotee of classical education. For over a dozen years I’ve been teaching at a Catholic university dedicated to liberal education. Previously I taught at a college with an integrated Great Books curriculum. For two decades I’ve helped conduct seminars introducing teachers to the riches of liberal education. Moreover, both […]

My Prayer

I was still in bed when the phone rang. I answered groggily but my brain snapped awake when I heard my OB-GYN on the other end. I had undergone a diagnostic amniocentesis recently and I knew I was about to hear the results. “She’s definitely a sweet little girl.” Pause. “And she has Down syndrome.” […]

21 Tips For Teaching Students With Learning Challenges

Teaching Student with learning challenges math on chalkboard

Children with learning challenges will require more intentional thought and attention at home or in school. These twenty-one reminders can serve all of us no matter the educational setting. 1. Be Active Teach in short bursts, alternating between physical activities and seated activities. Low muscle tone or distracted minds can lead to fatigue. Provide movement […]

Letter From The Editor Summer 2021

We often receive questions about teaching children with specific conditions classically. In this issue we focus on intellectual disability and Down syndrome, but we trust that the articles and resources herein will provide help teaching any child with learning challenges. We begin with some facts: An estimated 93 million children globally have special learning or […]

The Prince and the Pauper Book Review

The Prince and the Pauper is a long-ago case of mistaken identity set in Britain’s glorious crown London, in what we in nowadays-America would call the suburbs. A poor boy (Tom Canty) and a rich boy (Prince Edward Tudor) exchange garments and lives for what they think will be a few vain, fleeting hours that […]

A Conversation with Andrew Kern

Cheryl Swope: Andrew, you have devoted much of your adult life to classical education. Why? Andrew: When I started, it was because I smelled something beautiful. It sang to me. I thought, “That makes sense. That’s the kind of education I want for my children.” I think you could say I pursued classical education on […]


Written years ago on April 24, just after Michael & Michelle turned thirteen. We rose on schedule, accomplished our morning jobs, and began schooling at 8:25 a.m., as is our custom. I gave an overview of our day and week with our visual schedule and calendar. I read our daily Bible lesson as my children […]