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Pompey the Great

a lithograph illustration of Pompey the Great in a circle graphic

The year was 67 BC. Roman seas and coastal towns faced the bloody terror of the Cilician pirates. The presence of pirates disrupted trade and halted agricultural development, and destroyed many Roman lives. The people knew something needed to be done and there was only one man for the job: Pompey the Great. Pompey was […]

2016 Sodalitas Gathering in Review

Reflections on the Sodalitas Gathering by Jessica Phillips Last week in Louisville, KY, over 60 Memoria Press homeschoolers from across the country gathered for the second annual Sodalitas Gathering at Highlands Latin School. Sodalitas is a one-of-a-kind experience of learning, encouragement, connection, and inspiration, all within the context of cultivating a classical homeschool using Memoria […]

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