Martin Cothran

Mr. Cothran, a writer and teacher who lives in Danville, Kentucky with his wife and four children, is the director of the Online Classical Academy. He is the editor of Memoria Press's "Classical Teacher" magazine, and is the author of Memoria Press's Traditional Logic, Material Logic, and Classical Rhetoric programs, as well as Lingua Biblica: Old Testament Stories in Latin. He is the Latin, Logic, and Rhetoric Instructor at Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky.
For the past 15 years, he has been an influential voice on public policy issues at the Kentucky State Capitol. His articles on current issues have appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Louisville Courier-Journal, The Lexington Herald-Leader, and various other newspapers around Kentucky. He has served on several state commissions dealing with state education policy and is a frequent guest on Kentucky Educational Television’s "Kentucky Tonight" program, a weekly PBS program broadcast statewide. He has been heard on ABC Radio News, American Family Radio, and Family News in Focus.
Mr. Cothran is a popular speaker and author who has been described as “a master of the 30-second sound bite” by the Lexington Herald-Leader, and “articulate and relentless” by the Associated Press.  He received his education at The University of California Santa Barbara (B.A. Philosophy and Economics) and Simon Greenleaf University (MA Christian Apologetics).  Mr. Cothran teaches the Senior Seminar and is the Director of the Classical Latin School Association.