The Latin-Centered Curriculum
A Home Educator's Guide to a Latin-Centered Curriculum
Andrew A. Campbell

From Cicero to C. S. Lewis, from Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Jefferson, the great minds of the West have been formed by a classical curriculum centered on Latin and Greek. Now you can give your children a traditional classical education at home with The Latin-Centered Curriculum.

In a clear and readable introduction, The Latin-Centered Curriculum surveys the history of classical education from the ancient Greeks through the 20th-century neoclassical revival. He demonstrates the central position of Latin in the traditional course of study, and outlines the many benefits of placing the classical languages at the heart of the curriculum. Then he shares with you the secret of a superior education: multum non multa— not quantity, but quality.

With helpful charts and detailed explanations, The Latin-Centered Curriculum guides you step by step with book and curriculum recommendations for each school subject from K-12. It shows you how focusing a few core disciplines—classical languages, mathematics, and composition—can revolutionize your homeschool.

In this second edition you’ll find:

  • An expanded Great Books program for high school
  • New introductory chapters
  • Restructured subjects for easier state reporting
  • Updated recommendations for Latin, Greek, History, Science, and
  • Detailed weekly schedules
  • Tips for large families
  • A self-education program for adults

The best education is simple but deep.

Many parents have asked for the first edition, so we have made it available as an e-book for only $12.95.

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