Latina Christiana II
Continuing an Introduction to Christian Latin
Cheryl Lowe
Grades 4+

See First Form Latin.

This systematic study of Latin grammar is designed to follow Latina Christiana I. By the end of this course, students will have learned all five noun declensions, some model principal parts for the four verb conjugations, three tenses, and the use of the nominative and accusative cases.

There is an optional history component to Latina Christiana II taken from Chapters 14-25 of Famous Men of Rome (reading selections not included in LCI).  Drill questions are included in Latina Christiana II, and history questions are included in each of the Tests. Learning the history and culture of Rome is often a great motivating factor for students studying the Latin language. Chapters 1-13 of Famous Men of Rome are covered in Latina Christiana I.

Latina Christiana II also contains:

  • Five short "readings"
  • Three Scripture passages for translation
  • Passages for memorization, including the Gloria, the Sanctus, and the Doxology
  • Two hymns, "Veni, Veni Emmanuel" and "Veni, Creator Spiritus"
  • The famous medieval school song "Gaudeamus Igitur"
  • History questions and a 3-page chart/timeline summarizing Roman history
  • A Teacher Manual with detailed grammar lessons and many helpful teaching hints

*The 30 lessons can be completed in one year, but may require two years for the first-time teacher. Upon completion of Latina Christiana I and II, contact Memoria Press at 877-862-1097 for information about the bridge unit to transition students to Second Form Latin.


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Latina Christiana II Complete Set
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Latina Christiana II Set
  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Pronunciation CD

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